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The York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee. The mission of the YRVAWCC is to promote a collaborative and effective response to the violence against women in York Region.
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York Region Woman Abuse Protocol: Best Practice Guidelines 2006

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Acknowledgments & Dedication
Those agencies and individuals committed to the implementation of the York Region Violence Against Women Protocol.

Cover Page & Dedication & Acknowledgements     (67kb)

Preface & Statement of Principles & Signatories       (96kb)

Table Of Contents
Overview of Protocol Document.

Table of Contents      (38kb)

Chapter 1 – An Introduction to the Issue of Woman Abuse

Assistance with understanding and recognizing woman abuse.

Defining Woman Abuse / Incidence, Prevalence & Severity / Dynamics: Power & Control    (13kb)

Indicators of Abuse /Indicators Characteristic of the Abuser     (33kb)

Possible Health Effects on Women    (35kb)

Barriers to Leaving an Abusive Relationship    (21kb)

CAS & VAW Services Collaboration / Duty to Report / Impact on Children of Witnessing    (81kb)

Chapter 2 – The Woman Abuse Response Protocol

Assistance with responding to woman abuse

A Conceptual Model    (54kb)

General Intervention Best Practices / Customer Service Best Practices   (57kb)

Understanding Risk & Assessing a Woman’s Safety    (22kb)

Best Practice Guidelines for Making Referrals    (36kb)

Accountability & Problem Resolution    (34kb)

Woman’s Factual Data Log    (36kb)

Chapter 3 – Working with York Region’s Diverse Communities

The impact of diversity on the issue of woman abuse

York Region’s Diversity    (43kb)

Issues of Various Populations    (96kb)

Chapter 4 – Agency Profiles

Information about organizations dealing with the issue of woman abuse

Health Services    (58kb)

Justice   (84kb)

Shelters  pdf (60kb)

Community Counselling & Support Services  pdf (172kb)

Services for Youth & Children  pdf (56kb)

Language Services  pdf (33kb)

Educational Services  pdf (23kb)

Appendix A – Woman’s Factual Data Log      (74kb)

Appendix B – Guide for Professionals Who Suspect Woman Abuse      (58kb)

Appendix C – Sector Responses from 2003 Protocol: Justice      (212kb)

Appendix C - Sector Responses from 2003 Protocol: Shelters      (35kb)

Appendix C - Sector Responses from 2003 Protocol: Health      (39kb)

Appendix C - Sector Responses from 2003 Protocol: Intervention- Abused Women / Children / Abusers      (71kb)

Appendix D – Glossary of Terms      (52kb)

Appendix E – Safety Plan Information      (31kb)

Appendix F – The Child & Family Services Act: Grounds for Reporting      (44kb)

Evaluation Form      (46kb)

Master Protocol Document
This document consists of all of the above PDFs and is 221 pages. The approximate download time for this document is approximately 6 min on a 56kbps modem.   

Master Protocol Document      (1675kb)