The York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee
The York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee. The mission of the YRVAWCC is to promote a collaborative and effective response to the violence against women in York Region.
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Neighbours, Friends and Families

Neighbours, Friends and Families is a campaign to raise awareness of the signs of woman abuse so people who are close to an at-risk woman or an abusive man can help. Specifically, this campaign provides communities with information about how to:

  1. Recognize the warning signs of woman abuse.

  2. Support women and other members of the community who are affected by woman abuse. (see our brochure)

  3. Locate supportive resources in the community. (include a link to resources for York Region on this site located …)

  4. Look for opportunities to promote and work collaboratively on the Aboriginal and the Francophone communities’ campaigns

The Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign is based on principles of community organization and recognizes that communities have the assets, strengths, natural leaders and untapped talent to greatly impact change, growth and restoration in their communities.

This campaign is a partnership between the Ontario government, Ontario Women’s Directorate and the Expert Panel on Neighbours, Friends and Families, through the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children.

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