The York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee. The mission of the YRVAWCC is to promote a collaborative and effective response to the violence against women in York Region.
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WSN's 2010 Walk
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WSN's 2010 Walk

May is "Sexual Assault Prevention Month" in Ontario. To acknowledge this important designation, the Women's Support Network of York Region is organizing our 3rd annual, region-wide initiative to provide public education and raise awareness of the issues of sexual violence in our communities, throughout the month of May.

With support and participation from various partners and individual community members, Women's Support Network of York Region will be ending the campaign with a walk across York Region, the first weekend of June 2010 (coinciding with "Sexual Harassment Awareness Week"). This Year's Walk is themed "Walk for Safe and Healthy Communities...Ending Sexual Violence, One Step at a Time". Participants are encouraged to take part in as much or as little of the walk as they can and are asked to collect pledges from sponsors for their efforts.

About the Event
What is this walk about?

For the past 2 years a group of women, men and youth came together and made "Herstory". Some wonderful changes, new partnerships and awareness has come from the nights spent crossing York Region on foot. This 3rd annual walk is about using our vision & voice for further Community Building & Direct Action for Social Change. This is A Walk towards Political Action and Change!

Be the change you want to see.
Create the world you want to live in.
This walk is about bringing awareness in positive and encouraging ways, to the issues of sexual violence in our communities…in every community. This walk is about Walking our Talk.

Before You Register: The Important Things to Know
  • All donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If you are walking as a representative from another agency, monies raised will be split 50/50 between WSN and the agency you are affiliated with.
  • All participants must sign the waiver before walking.
How do I register for the Walk?
E-mail the Women’s Support Network at to receive a registration package, or call 905-895-3646 and we will be delighted to send you a registration package.

There is a Facebook 'events' page listed as: WSN's 2010 "Walk For Safe and Healthy Communities...Ending Sexual Violence, One Step at a Time".

Go to Women's Support Network of York Region's main Facebook page, to join the group invite others to join, and for all the latest updates regarding the event.
Options for participating:
Option 1: Sunday June 6th, 2010
Walk from East end to West end of York Region, along 16th avenue, and then south on Islington, ending at Woodbridge Pool and Memorial Arena (corner of Hwy 7 & Islington Avenue, Woodbridge).
  • Registration: 12:00am – 1:00am, Woodbine and 16th,
  • Walk starts at 1:00am at Woodbine and 16th and ends at Hwy 7 and Islington
Option 2: Virtual 60 X 60 Walk
Walk on your own time, at your own pace, by yourself, or as part of a team. With the new "Virtual 60 X 60 Walk", walkers can split the 60km amongst a group or do it on their own throughout the month of May. Each individual will aim towards raising $60 for the cause of safe and healthy communities, and ending sexual violence. A community safety awareness calendar will be available to track your progress.

Note: If you are walking as a representative from another agency, monies raised will be split 50/50 between WSN and the agency you affiliate with upon registration.
How far do we walk?
The 1 night route covers approximately 30 km's. Walkers will gather at the pre-planned meeting location to begin the walk.
What if I can’t walk that far?
If you are unable to continue walking while out on the route, one of our support vehicles will transport you to the next 'pit stop', where you can rest and either end your participation, or wait to welcome in the remaining walkers! Your safety is always our first concern.
Do I need permission from my doctor in order to participate?
Walkers and crew members of 1 night walk who have significant medical history (or are pregnant) are asked to discuss their participation with their personal physician and get a letter of authorization in order to participate. For walkers and crew who are pregnant, this letter must be provided by their obstetrician.
Do I have to carry all my gear while I am walking?
Yes, walkers will need to dress and pack whatever belongings they feel are needed for the walk.
Do I have to bring my own water and snacks?
No. WSN will be providing water, and nutritious snacks along the way. At every rest point food and water will be made available for all walkers.
What do volunteers do?
Volunteers are always welcome. It’s a way to stay flexible and still contribute your time, expertise and ideas to help make the Walk a success. From outreach and recruitment, to training and motivating participants, to on-event roles and responsibilities, there is a volunteer role to fit your schedule, skills and passions.
How do I register to become a volunteer?
Email: or call 905-895-3646. We will send details about all the volunteer opportunities available and next steps and meetings.
If I can't participate in the event, what happens to the donations that I have raised?
All donations submitted to the 2010 Walk are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you are unable to participate in the event, your donations cannot be refunded. Your donations will go directly to the cause as if you had participated, and we hope your donors will appreciate supporting the agency/agencies regardless of your participation in the actual event.
How do the beneficiaries utilize the contributions?
All proceeds directed to the Women's Support Network of York Region, go directly to servicing women and girls who are survivors of sexual violence. All monies earned go directly toward supporting our mandate of eradicating sexual violence from our community, for example:
  • $1400 provides a woman with counselling for one year.
  • $4030 provides for the delivery of 31 public education presentations in York Region schools, and the broader community.
  • $140.00 provides for the delivery of a workshop/seminar to a group.
Where do I submit my pledge money and pledge collection form?
Donations and pledge collection forms can be handed in at the registration table on the night of the walk, or delivered to WSN table at the Closing Ceremony/Community Breakfast on June 6th, 2010. Before the event, donations can be delivered to the Women's Support Network at 1110 Stellar Drive Unit 109, Newmarket Ontario, L3Y 7B7
Who should I make my cheque out to?
Please make all cheques payable to: Women's Support Network Of York Region.
Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes. All monetary donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Do all donors receive a receipt?
A minimum amount of $20.00 raised is required to receive a tax receipt.
Documents for Download: